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What is a Kitchen Base Unit?

What is a Kitchen Base Unit? 

A kitchen base unit is a unit situated on the floors of your kitchen, below the worktop. 

Base units play a major role in storage. They offer much more space in comparison to your wall units. A standard depth of a kitchen base cabinet is 609 - 762mm, giving plenty of space to store all the your kitchen essentials.

Base units are also a significant part of the design of your kitchen, so it's important to choose the correct kind of look, suited for your kitchen. Most of our kitchens are filled with cabinets. It's the main element to our complete kitchen, so we want to be sure the correct style of cabinets are chosen, especially if the doors are included. 

Cabinet only options are mostly hidden away with the doors and end panels, however, when going into your cabinets, it's essential to see a charming finish and design on the inside, as well as the outside. Our kitchen base cabinets are available in 4 finishes including, white, grey, urban oak and anthracite. With our complete ranges, the doors are included, so you'll need to be sure on what finish cabinet you would like, combined with the style, finish and colour of the door. 

Kitchen base units also have a use for kitchen island building. Choose from a wide range of kitchen base units, to make up the perfect kitchen island, suited for your needs. 

Base units can also play a major role in your kitchen layout. Most kitchens have an L or U shape built by the positioning of your units, depending on the shape of your kitchen. 

All of our base units measure 570mm deep with a 49mm void and an internal depth of 513mm. Our base units have been created using the UNICLIC technology with 18mm thick MFC panels and 1mm ABS on leading edges. With an 8mm solid MDF back, the solid top and bottom are interchangeable on all the base units. If shelves are included with the unit, there are 3 possible heights available. All base units come with tool-less adjustable 150mm legs. The centerpost is also tool-less with unique turnfastener technology. 5mm colour matched cover caps will be included with the units.