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Types of Kitchen Doors

Types of Kitchen Doors

There is a lot to consider when you come to updating your kitchen. One of the key features to a kitchen is the doors and with so many options available, which ones are the best suited to you and your kitchen? 

First you'll need to decide on what colour to go for. Depending on the look you're choosing, colour is very important. Modern kitchens nowadays have two different colour doors, which gives a beautiful contrast. You may think this sounds odd, but it really does work! 

Having two colour doors in your kitchen also keeps the kitchen fresh and you're less likely to become board of looking at the same kitchen everyday. It adds lovely contrast to kitchens and keeps it interesting. The most common two-tone design is a dark/bright/bold colour, combined with a lighter/calmer colour. 

Alternatively, choosing the same colour door to complete your kitchen is not outdated. The contrast can be created from the worktops themselves, the interior, furniture and the flooring. These's plenty to consider when designing your kitchen. 

The style of doors is also an important factor when choosing your kitchen features. 

Here at Flatpack kitchens we know that not everyone has the same taste, so we like to offer a wide range of styles of doors so everyone is able to choose the perfect door, suited to their liking.

Handleless Kitchen Doors

We have the Jayline style door available, which include an integrated handle. This is a groove in the top of the door, where your fingers can be positioned, allowing you to open and close the door. They are referred to as "Jayline" doors as the integrated handle looks like a "J" when the door is turned to its side. The Jayline is 19mm MDF, full wrap door with a continuous laminate on top edge, face and bottom edge of the door. Jayline uses PUR adhesive system giving the highest heat and moisture resistance available. The Jayline doors are very popular and can be perfect if you're looking for a neat and tidy finish with minimal features. Less is definitely more with modern interior design these days. These are available in a number of colours. All colour options are also available as matt Jayline and gloss Jayline finishes.

The Firebeck range is our standard plain slab door. With these doors, you can't really go wrong. Plain slab doors will never go out of style and are always on trend. The Firebeck is an 18mm MDF plain slab door with matching edging laminated supergloss/supermatt surface with matching melamine colour reverse. Laminated and edged with a PUR system giving the highest heat and moisture resistance available. Please note, the plain slab doors will require handles, unless you choose to have the push to open pin fitted behind the doors. We have a wide range of handles available, the combination are endless. 

Timber Frame Doors

The Wilton range of doors are shaker style with a wide range of colour options available. The shaker style is making a come back with more modern colour options available, like dust grey and azure blue. They are a 5-piece door construction. The frames are 120mm W x 22mm MDF and the panels are 6mm. Drawer fronts are 1 piece 22mm. Doors and drawer front have a 2mm chamfered edge. 110, 140, 175 drawer fronts and 715 x 146, 715 x 256 doors are all 1 piece. All other sizes are 5 piece. 110,, 140 and 175 drawer fronts have horizontal grain, all other doors and drawers fronts have vertical grain. Please note, the Wilton doors will require handles, unless you choose to have the push to open pin fitted behind the doors. We have a wide range of handles available, the combination are endless. The Timber frame kitchen doors are a 5-piece solid ash timber frame with a veneered center panel. There are two options available in the timber frame doors. The first one is the Thornbury range, which includes a beaded edge detail on the inside of the frame. The Hadley range doesn't have the beaded edge so give a sharp square finish to the inside of the frame. Both styles of doors included 6 colours with the added grain textured detail through the doors. The timber frame doors are a perfect choice if you're looking for something to last. MDF doors are certainly easier to look after and cope better with moisture, however solid ash is a much stronger material than MDF and this reflects in the price of the door. You can expect solid ash doors to last potentially decades, if they are looked after correctly and protected from changes in the temperature of your kitchen.  

Finally, the last thing to consider when choosing your doors is the finish. Gloss or matt? Gloss is always a nice finish to go for. It can brighten your kitchen and add a little sparkle, however, matt is currently taking over in the market today, not just because of the look and the finish it gives, but matt can also be easier to clean, hide slight imperfections and fingers prints and smudge marks are less noticeable.