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Can I Just Replace My Kitchen Doors?

Can I Just Replace My Kitchen Doors?

Yes, replacing just your kitchen doors is a smart, cost-effective way of refreshing your kitchen. Good quality kitchen cabinets are built to last, and therefore often outlast kitchen doors, which take the brunt of the wear and tear in the kitchen. Replacing just the kitchen doors is often a perfect way of giving your kitchen the facelift without breaking the bank. 

Is Just Replacing My Kitchen Doors a Simple Job?

Yes, it is a relatively simple job to replace the kitchen doors. In fact replacing the doors is very simple. Many hinges have latches on them. You can simply unclip the latch off the cabinet, unscrew the plate from the kitchen door, screw it to the new door and then clip the latch back on. 

There are however a few other things to bear in mind when ordering and changing your kitchen doors. 

Hinge Hole Positions

Hinge hole positions can vary from one manufacturer to another. Make sure you accurately measure the hinge hole position in your old door and ensure the position matches the new doors. 

Matching End Panels

Don't forget to match your end panels, that is any sides that are showing in your kitchen, to your kitchen doors. End panels are available to buy in each range of kitchen doors, and match the door colours. 

Read the full guide on things to consider when changing kitchen doors here.