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What is a Kitchen Cabinet?

What is a Kitchen Cabinet?

A kitchen cabinet is a kitchen unit that, together with other units, builds the base for your kitchen. 

Kitchen cabinets are also sometimes called kitchen carcasses. They are the empty shell of the unit, either the wall cabinet or base cabinet. 

Kitchen cabinets are just the shell though, they do not include the doors, drawer fronts or drawers. You would normally need to add these in to make the entire kitchen unit. They also don’t include the hinges and handles, or typically any of the metal hardware. 

Base Cabinets

The base cabinets usually include four or five adjustable legs too. These are typically set at 150mm high, but would need to be adjusted to ensure the cabinet it level. 

Wall Cabinets

The wall cabinets would normally have two holes at the back. These allow you to get access to the wall bracket, that secures the wall unit on to the wall. 


Kitchen cabinets also usually include shelves. Base cabinets will include one shelf, while wall cabinet usually include two. It does vary will full height cabinets, so it is worth checking before purchasing, but often come with two fixed and two adjustable shelves. The two fixed shelves tend to also offer additional structural support for the unit. 

All our kitchen cabinets come with a six year warranty as standard. To view more details on the units, please click on the links below.