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1250 Blind Corner Base - 1000 Cabinet with 600 Door (Right) - Firbeck Supergloss Cashmere


  • Product Code: 48839FSC-1250BCB1000C600DR
  • Information:


    This listing includes the following parts, for you to make your blind corner base unit:


    1 x 1000mm cabinet

    1 x 596 x 715mm door 

    1 x 420 blank panel

    1 x 2 piece corner post

    2 x 165 hinges 


    The corner post is supplied in flat format to allow customisation on site. In it's maximum size it measures 80 x 80 when assembled. The 80mm piece is pre-drilled on the rear face for hinge mounting plates. 

    The 2-part nature of the corner post is inherently flexible. The 80mm panel does not need cutting in any scenario. Position the base unit further into/out of the corner to make the 80mm panel more/less visible. Both the 61mm return post and fixing panel is trimmed and fitted accordingly. 

    Please click here for more information on the corner blind base units.

    Guide to build corner base unit Corner post panels

  • Dimensions:
  • Availability: 4 working days
  • Hinge Side (when looking from front): (Required)
  • Cabinet Colour: (Required)
    White White
    Grey Grey £4.00
    Anthracite Anthracite £4.00
    Urban Oak Urban Oak £6.00
  • Hinge Colour: (Required)
    Silver Silver
    Obsidian Black Obsidian Black £2.00
  • Items in Bag
  • £201.46