Super storage for small kitchens

cost-kitchenIf you have a small or awkwardly designed kitchen, you’ll know how essential it is to make the most of every nook and cranny! Here are some of Flatpack’s favourite steps to space-saving storage in your kitchen:


Jar-dropping design

Storing supplies on top of work surfaces and kitchen cupboards is one thing, but what about underneath? Keep herb and spice jars to hand – yet without taking up valuable space – by gluing the lids to the bottom of wall cabinets! Simply unscrew the jars when cooking before tucking them out of the way again.


Mind the gap

Even the smallest space between a cupboard and an appliance, or at the end of a fitted kitchen, can be put to use. Whether you’re a dab hand at DIY or need to call in a joiner, creating a narrow, pull-out cupboard or drawer can be an ideal investment for storing herbs and spices, oil jars or condiments.


Ideal integration

With a spot of clever thinking, all those essential but, let’s face it, boring bits n’ pieces can be tucked away out of sight. We’re talking about bins, carrier bag holders and even ironing boards, which can be integrated into cupboards only to emerge when a drawer or door is opened! Or how about attaching an unused magazine rack to the inside of a cabinet door – perfect for storing baking trays in!


Sill-y storage

The windowsill is ideal for creating a bespoke kitchen garden, especially if you’re the type of chef who uses the same two or three herbs again and again! Just plant your favourites in small pots and keep at hand when cooking, allowing you to ditch the 20-spice rack you hardly use and free up some space!


Secret island

If you have just about enough room to squeeze in a kitchen island, make sure it has maximum drawers and cupboards to hide away unsightly utensils and clutter, or enough racks for all your pots, pans and recipe books. Even better, consider an island with space underneath for bar stools or chairs, allowing it to double up as a breakfast bar or small table.


That sinking feeling

We’ve seen this idea in caravans and motorhomes, but there’s no reason not to sneak it into small kitchens! With a spare wooden chopping block or a worktop offcut, create a custom-cut surface to fit over the sink for added preparation space. When you’ve finished, just take away the board and, hey presto, it’s time to wash up!


kitchen-socketsPull your sockets up!

These fabulous vertical pull-up sockets from our sister site are designed to hide sockets and USB ports in one neat column. Just push back into the worktop when not in use and save valuable room!


Our articles archive is full of ideas on clever kitchen storage, whatever the design and style of your space! Find out how to make the most of your kitchen corner units or read up on the pros and cons of integrated appliances to find out if they could make a difference in your kitchen.