Clever ways to make a large kitchen cosy

Kitchen cabinetsFew people would complain about having a large kitchen, particularly those of us getting by in a galley kitchen or making do with minimal storage space! But larger kitchens can come with their own challenges too, and sometimes lack that intimate atmosphere that so many homeowners hope to create. Read on for the best ways to make your large kitchen cosy!

1.  True colours

Unless you’re a fan of the minimalistic look, an all-white large kitchen can seem cold and unwelcoming. Warm colours such as yellows, oranges and reds can work well on the walls, with even a subtle wash-effect making a big difference if you don’t fancy big blocks of bold colour.

2. Counter culture

If you’re reluctant to veer away from white or magnolia, eye-catching kitchen work surfaces can break up a large space and add interest. Worktops in a warm solid wood such as cherry can look wonderfully inviting and give a cheerful lift to an otherwise monotone space.

3. One direction

The direction in which your large kitchen faces can make an enormous difference. If it faces east or south it will probably be light and warm for much of the day, but north-facing windows can make a cold room even gloomier. A good trick is to hang a mirror facing the window to maximise the light coming in throughout the day, until the sun reaches the window in the evening.

4. Material goods

Textiles such as throws, wall hangings, table runners and rugs can instantly create warmth in an open space. Just be careful not to place rugs and other trip hazards too near the stove – keep them to seating areas and inside kitchen doors!

5. Island idyll

Few things suit a large space more than a kitchen island, which works as a practical addition as well as a stylish centrepiece! Islands look stunning in a wide floor space between kitchen cabinets, whilst another design option is to cluster cabinets together in one section of your kitchen and install an island to the side. A large island can also double up as a breakfast bar, with chic retro dining stools creating the atmosphere you crave!

6. Creative corners

Transforming the entire kitchen into a snug space might be too big a task, so why not concentrate on creating a cosy corner instead? A couple of bright-coloured, squashy armchairs or a sofa can work wonders if you have the room, whilst large windows can become a focal point with a window seat and cushions. Just add a bookcase, and your dinner guests will be fully occupied whilst you whisk up a treat!

7. Perfect pendants

A high-ceilinged kitchen can seem cavernous and stark, but the look can be softened with well-positioned pendant lamps. Whilst under-cabinet spotlights might still be needed in some workspaces, long-chained pendants can provide perfect task lighting for islands, as well as casting the right mood over a dining table.

8. Shelf life

Another way to break up a high-ceilinged room is to fix shelves above head height and display collectibles such as crockery, glassware or ceramics. In a period home, an original or reclaimed picture rail or plate rail running around the walls can make a lovely feature and minimise the height of the room.